A great taboo – a marriage breaker

Many men and women, suffer from problems related to their sex-life which greatly impacts an otherwise harmonious relationship. Our society’s way of addressing sex, sex-drive and and sexually related topics, is ambiguous at best and hypocritical at worst. Sex is an area of great misunderstandings, unspoken truths, great myths and beliefs and often little knowledge.

Before we move on to talk about sex and sex rejuvenation, we need to get few terms straight:


It’s the inability to get or maintain an erection sufficiently to have sex. Many men will suffer from impotence at some time during their lives. It does NOT have anything to do with in-ability to have children. That is infertility. An impotent man may or may not have (or get) children.

It is NOT the same as sex drive. For instance, a person that are taking medicines for impotence will not get a boost in their libido. Sexual stimulation or arousal, physical or mental, is still required for the erection to take place. However, the treatment increases the chances of getting a sufficient erection to have sex provided the sexdrive and stimulation is there. The medicine will not lead to a completely random erection without any stimulation whatsoever.


Inability of a couple to have children. It’s NOT possible to guess what the reason is. It could be conditions in anyone of the partners and it could be conditions in both. Proper assessment and investigation are required to establish the cause of infertility.

A divorce, re-marriage or second marriage will NOT solve the problem, if infertility is a problem related to the man.


Also called sex drive. Libido is the urge, passion, appetite, need, drive, longing and/or desire for sex. Libido can be high or low independently of the ability to have an erection and independently of any fertility.

Lack of libido can be seen along side with impotence in men and vaginal dryness in women but it may not.

Vaginal dryness

An important factor for women to enjoy sex, is vaginal wetness. It serves as a lubricant during sex. Vaginal wetness is increased considerably with sexual stimulation, whether physical or mental.

Some women suffer from vaginal dryness which can be due many factors, including underlying physical/medical conditions, hormonal changes, medicines, infections, physical or mental stress and exhaustion, cultural norms, personal preferences for sex and sexual activities and many other factors. Some of these factors, may affect the libido which in turn may impact vaginal lubrication.

Premature ejaculation

It’s the uncontrolled ejaculation before or shortly after penetration, with very little sexual stimulation, so that the male partner “finishes before even getting started” which can lead to unsatisfactory sex for both partners. There are techniques to improve this condition and prolong the time before ejaculation. Topical treatments and medicines are available, to reduce premature ejaculation.


Is the inability or difficulty to reach an orgasm, despite sufficient sexual stimulation. It may take away some of the pleasure from sexual activity and it can also lead to decreased sex-drive – “as there is no point”.

A person that has never experienced or rarely experiences an orgasm, may or may not be suffering from anorgasmia. If the person or his/her partner, does not know how to sexually stimulate or lacks technique, this problem could occur.


Dyspareunia is pain during intercourse. It can be due to many reasons, including underlying medical conditions as well as psychological reasons. It can be due to factors related to the external genitals, intra-vaginal or deeper, cancers, infections, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders and many other reasons.

It can also be due to physical or mental stress, the mental inability to relax or enjoy sex which can lead to vaginismus (vaginal muscular spasms).

It’s important, that you discuss pain during sex with your doctor. Both for the sake of your sex-life and to rule out any underlying (serious) condition.


Platelet Rich Plasma for Sexual Rejuvenation

Platelet Rich Plasma has found it’s way into various fields of medicine. It can also be used for sexual rejuvenation in men and women. Keep in mind, that you may need maintenance treatment 8-12 months after the initial course. For some, the effect may last much longer.

PRP may be used in the following conditions for men:

  • Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Small or abnormal sized penises
  • To increase sex drive or get a more erect erection, even in the absence of any condition

PRP treatment in men, may improve libido (sex drive), increase sexual pleasure, increase penile girth and length and improve penile blood circulation.

PRP may be used for the following conditions in women:

  • Anorgasmia
  • Decreased libido
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)
  • Urinary incontinence

PRP can improve libido, increase sexual pleasure and improve the ability to achieve climax, reduce vaginal dryness and reduce or remove dyspareunia/pain during intercourse. Keep in mind, that the above conditions may be interlinked. Thus, vaginal dryness may cause pain during intercourse. The anticipation of pain, may in turn reduce libido and the pain during intercourse, may lead to anorgasmia/lack of climax, which in turn may further reduce libido. Thus, a vicious cycle is established, which can be very hard to break out of.

In our experience, the taboo surrounding sexual problems greatly impacts married life and may, in some cases, lead to divorce or separation. It’s a problem that can impact a great number of people, including the couple, the children and maybe an extended family. It’s a pity, that we rather keep silent about these issues, than deal with them.

It’s vital to mention here, that MY SKIN CLINIC strongly believes in confidentiality. A concept not fully developed or understood in Pakistan, but it plays a central role for the CEO of Dr Mohammad Mazhar Hussain, that lived in Denmark for 31 years and has received his medical training from there.