Carboxy therapy is used for a number of conditions including

  • Dark circles around the eye
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Stretch marks
  • Cellulite

We inhale oxygen and exhale carbondioxide. In cbaroxythereapy carbon dioxide (CO2) is injected into the skin. The unusually high concentration of CO2 in the skin triggers the formation of collagen and new blood vessels which in turn improves skin elasticity, blood circulation and reduces scars and dark circles.

How is Carboxytherapy performed?

At MSC we primarily use carboxytherapy for dark circles and stretch marks.

Dark circles

Usually a numbing cream is not required. The skin is thoroughly clean before carbon dioxide is injected into the lower and upper eyeleds. The eyelids swell quite literally like a balloon within as the carbon dioxide enters the skin. You may feel a little discomfort while the gas is injected. The whole process takes around 10 minutes.

We recommend a course of 10-12 weekly treatments. Usually results will start to show after 5-6 treatments.

Stretch marks

Depending on the severity of the stretch marks a numbing cream may be used to take out the sting of the injection. If a numbing cream is required then we may wait 45-60 minutes for the cream to work. The skin is then clean with alcohol swaps and the carbon dioxide is injected into the skin underneath the stretch marks.

We recommend a course of 5-6 weekly treatments, followed by 5-6 monthly treatments.