Microneedling is widely used in aesthetic medicine, including smoothing out fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks, fighting hair loss and a number of other conditions.

Is Microneedling for fine lines and anti-aging painful?

A numbing cream or spray, can be used for numbing. The skin is numb after 15-60 minutes. This leads to a painless or less painful procedure.

Procedure for Microneedling for fine lines and anti-aging

Topical cream is applied to numb the skin. The skin is cleaned thoroughly before Microneedling starts. It can take 10-30 minutes depending on the area that is being treated and the scars being treated.

After the procedure PRP, a serum, a moisturiser or nothing may be applied to the area.

Complications and downtime after Microneedling for fine lines and anti-aging

Downtime after Microneedling can be from few hours with erythema to a few days. It depends on the condition that Microneedling is used to treat. During the consultation, we’ll guide you om how to take care of your skin, after the procedure.