Eye bags can be caused by various conditions including the following:

  • Allergies or dermatitis. This will likely include itching and/or redness
  • Fluid retention due to weather, hormonal change or diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Heredity

Eye bags give the impression that the person is  tired, older than his/her age and makes people less attractive.

Procedure for Microneedling for eye bags

A numbing cream or spray is applied. The skin is numb after 15-60 minutes, depending on the method.

The skin is thoroughly cleaned before Micronneedling.  Slight bleeding or mild erythema may occur. Redness usually disappears within one day. Therefore, the procedure is best suited for the end of a work day.

 6-10 weekly treatments are recommended. Usually, results will start to show after 2-3 treatments.

Depending on the severity of your conditions, maintenance treatment may be required after 6-12 months.

Complications and downtime after Microneedling for eye bags

In some, especially very fair people, erythema may be visible after Microneedling. Usually it’s gone within few hours.