Dark circles are relatively common in both men and women, though they can also appear in children or young adults, especially if dark circles run in the family.

As we age, the collagen is lost and the skin thins. This may make the blood vessels under eyes become more visible. Stress and fatigue may also worsen dark circles

Other causes of dark circles include, but are not limited to, allergies, fatigue, rubbing or scratching the eyes, contact dermatitis and sunlight exposure,

Dark circles can cause great distress for the person suffering from these. As the eyes are a very vital part of our identity and frontal looks – or what defines “the outer self”, they can become quite bothersome.

Apart from the aesthetic problems associated with dark circles, they are not usually a sign of any underlying medical condition and the person will usually be perfectly healthy and fit otherwise.

Treatment options for dark circles

Carboxy Therapy for dark circles

Generally we recommend injecting Carbon Dioxide gas into the skin. This trigger the repair process and damage control in the skin and increased production of collagen with less visible dark circles.

We recommend 10-12 weekly treatments, but visual effect usually starts showing earlier in the course.

Follow-up or maintenance treatments may be needed.

Carboxy Therapy can be combined with one or all of the following treatments.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP stimulates the repair and healing processes of the skin and body. It increases the production of collagen and connective tissue and improves dark circles.


Controlled micro-trauma through Microneedling activates the body’s own repair and healing mechanisms resulting in more production of elastin and collagen.

Dark circles are not sorted out as a quick fix. It requires a number of treatments and may also require maintenance treatment after 6-12 months. However, as they are very visible and hard to hide without a thicker layer of make-up it’s often worth while the cost and efforts. And the feel of less prominent or no dark circles is very different from covering them up.

What to do next?

Naturally, there will be many questions and uncertainties. It’s also vital that your expectations match what can realistically be expect from the various procedures.

In our experience, lack of proper information and communication is a major factor for patients to loose trust in certain treatments that may actually have benefitted them had they continued the treatment. We are not trying to rush into one treatment or the other.

For a more specific evaluation of your dark circles we recommend contacting us on 03211554554 to set up a consultation.