Fine lines and wrinkles

Beauty is defined by the symmetry of a face, including the height of your cheekbones and a proportionate narrow jaw line. Unfortunately, fine lines and wrinkles can be the first signs of ageing skin that appears on your face. Your body may be in shape and you may feel young but that does not combat ageing.

Depending on your specific situation, our consultant may recommend Dermal Fillers, Microneedling, PRP, Dracula Facial and/or Dracula Facelift.

In the case of Dracula Facelift we use Microneedling with PRP and/or fillers. We only use high quality PRP from Dr PRP (Korean/American) or GloPRP (Finnish).

Dark circles around the eyes

Dark circles can occur at a relatively young age and are often very bothersome. They can cause great distress. Family and friends may have a hard time understanding how it impacts the self esteem of a patient.

Carboxy Therapy, PRP and/or Microneedling may, individually or combined, reduce dark circles. 

Patients suffering from dark circles may need maintenance treatment after 6-12 months.

Pigment changes of the face and body

Many people suffer from hypo- or hyper-pigmentation on the face or body. Often, it’s seen as Melasma in the face. Even a very light discolouration in the face can be relatively prominent, as the face is exposed.

Pigment changes may be due to many reasons. Some may be treatable, while others are harder to treat.

Treatments include Microneedling or PRP. In most cases, there is no cure for pigment changes, but with the right approach and maintenance treatment you may be able to be free of pigment changes. 

Pigment changes of the genital area

It’s normal for the skin in the anogenital area, to be darker than the rest of the body and it can further darken with age. However, in some patients, the darker colour can become quite bothersome, even in patients that have a light skin colour, otherwise.

The causes can be due to a number of reasons, including the use of talcum powder, use of a razor, wax or cream for hair removal and hormonal changes.

As with most cases of (aesthetic) medicine, one size does not fit all. This is true for the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

Deep lines, nasolabial fold and volume restoration of the face and facial shaping

One of the greatest “give away” of one’s age is the nasolabial fold, trough lines, wrinkles, hair loss, loss of elasticity, glow and volume.

An overall improvement in the lines, wrinkles and volume and achieving a younger look may require us to address the various aspect of your looks with a view to your overall looks.

The treatment plan may include Dermal Fillers, Microneedling and PRP or a combination of these.

Acne, Acne scars, stretch marks (Striae) and Keloid

Usually, the treatment for active acne, would be different medicines taken over several weeks or months. Medicines may include topical treatment or oral medicines and tablets. Depending on your conditions and the medicine used, we may need to monitor your liver function and take regular blood tests.

Microneedling, PRP and or dermal fillers  can be used to treat acne scars.

The same treatments may be used for stretch marks. Generally, newer stretch marks that are still red in colour, respond better or faster than older and paler stretch marks. Therefore, we suggest you seek a consultation ASAP, for better and faster results. 

Keloid scars are raised, red scars growing out of the site of injury (including surgery). They can often be seen on the chest, over the shoulders or the hands, though it can occur in other places. Keloid scars are more common with darker skin.

Apart from the above mentioned treatments injection of steroids may also be required for better results.

Hair loss

My Skin Clinic is the first clinic in Pakistan to combine Advanced Ultima Microneedling with PRP for the treatment of hair loss. We use high quality PRP from Dr PRP (Korean/American) or Glo PRP (Finnish). Be aware, that most clinics use normal blood collection tubes to “create PRP” which is not really PRP and not approved to be re-injected into the human body.

Skin Whitening

In the Subcontinent, there is a great demand for skin whitening or treatment for hypo- and hyper-pigmentation. Some people have light skin but darker private parts. Regardless of the extent and nature of pigment changes, it can cause great distress for some patients.

Some patients lighter skin, as it’s considered more attractive in the Indian Subcontinent. While a bronzed or olive tan is sought after in the Western world.

If suitable, we may suggest injection with Glutathione with Vitamin C for a general whitening of the skin.

We’ll evaluate your situation and suggest a suitable treatment whether it’s a topical, local or systemic treatment.