A number of treatments are available to make stretch marks less visible. Treatments work best on stretch marks that are relatively new and red in colour, compared to stretch marks that have paled in colour and have become chronic.

It is strongly advised, that you contact My Skin Clinic as soon as you see stretch marks developing.

During the consultation, a treatment plan will be set up In medicine, one sixe does not fit all. Depending on your condition, the following could be recommended:

Carboxy Therapy (also called Carbon Dioxide Therapy CDT)

Microneedling (includes dermaroller, dermapen and dermastamp)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Procedure for Carboxy Therapy for stretch marks

Carbon dioxide is injected into the skin underneath the Stretch Marks. You may feel a little discomfort/tingling as Carbon Dioxide enters the skin. You’ll immediately see a swelling of the skin. The swelling, usually disappears in less than 5 minutes.

Depending on the location and severity of the stretch marks, a numbing cream or numbing spray may be used. If numbing is required, then we may wait for a few minutes up to one hour for the full effect to take place.

Despite changes in the visibility of your stretch marks, within a few treatments, you may require a longer course.

Often we recommend a course of 5-6 weekly treatments, followed by 5-6 monthly treatments. Following the course of Carboxy Therapy, you may require an annual maintenance treatment.

Complications and downtime after Carboxy Therapy

Usually, there is no downtime after Carboxy Therapy for stretch marks. You should be able to go back to social and professional life right away.

However, during the procedure a small superficial blood vessel in the skin may accidentally be penetrated causing bruising, that will be visible after the treatment.