The owner of My Skin Clinic, Dr Mohammad Mazhar Hussain, lived in Denmark for 31 years before he moved back to Pakistan in 2002. Since 2004 he has been busy with My Hair Clinic which has since it’s launch in 2004, opened clinics in central London and Oslo. My Hair Clinic in Islamabad is probably the only clinic world wide where more than 99% of the patients come traveling from abroad.

Through My Hair Clinic Dr Hussain came to learn that there is a great need for an ethical and genuine skin rejuvenation clinic in Islamabad where patients could trust that a high standard would be maintained.

Finally, in 2017 My Skin Clinic was inaugurated. The focus is not providing all services and maximise the flow through the clinic. Like with My Hair Clinic we intend to offer limited services and treatments without compromising on ethical or medical standards. To name just a few of the ways that My Skin Clinic stands out from the rest is that

  1. Dr Hussain brings syringes and needles from abroad from his monthly trips to My Hair Clinic in Oslo and London. We use B class sterilisation which is the highest level of sterilisation available. We don’t take any chances with patient safety.
  2. We take patient confidentiality very seriously. Over the years many patients have discussed very private and intimate details about their personal lives, worries, mental or physical illnesses, marital and sexual problems or other problems of a very private nature knowing that Dr Hussain will honour their need for confidentiality
  3. We don’t just take on any new treatment and we are very particular about giving full information to the patients regarding pros and cons for our proposed treatment plans.
  4. With Dr Hussain monthly trips to Scandinavia and UK he is  constantly exposed to the high Scandinavian standards which help in ensuring the same high standard in Islamabad

in short, My Skin Clinic is a clinic for patients that are looking for genuine medial advise and not new newest buzzword or a sales talk.